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Dollar Match for Signs?

Contact your local government to see if you qualify!   Community Redevelopment Area Incentives There are two Community Redevelopment areas under the Administrative Authority of the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners. Incentives offered in this area are subject to approval by the CRA board and inclusion in legally approved CRA plans Economic Development Incentive Grant for CRAs This program is available to a qualified business within one of the two above approved CRA’s within Manatee County creating jobs at an average wage exceeding 100% of the state average. The job creation must be as a result of expanding an existing CRA business or by creating a new CRA business. The incentive is customized per business based on the number of jobs created and percent above 100% of the state average wage.   CRA Impact Fee Mitigation Services Financial assistance with the payment and/or refund of Impact Fees, Permit Fees and Development Fees for qualified Businesses located in the 14th Street West or South County CRA. All requests for mitigation are processed through the Economic Development Division serving as the Community Redevelopment Liaison Office and are subject to availability of annual appropriated funds.   Commercial Matching Grants Provides matching funds up to $10,000 to a business located within one of the two CRA’s when the business spends up to $10,000 of their own funds to improve the exterior of their business. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, façade improvements, landscaping, painting, signage, and fencing. Go to the Commercial Matching Grant page to learn more.   Transportation Concurrency Exception Area (TCEA) TCEA was established to promote urban infill and redevelopment where opportunities for expansion or additional of new transportation corridors are limited. TCEAs allow [...]

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Sign Letter Height Visibility

How To Choose the Correct Letter Height Using custom signs is a great way to attract and connect with new clients and customers. When designing window signs, banners, or car signs, make sure your target market can read what you want to tell them. The size of the letters and logos, as well as the colors you choose, are crucial in creating a visible, easy-to-read sign.   Rule-of-Thumb A good rule of thumb is every 1 inch of letter height provides 10 feet of readability with the best impact. For example, 3” tall letters make the best impact within 30’; however, they can still be seen and read from up to 100’ away.   Sign Location When designing your sign, consider how you will be using it, as well as how far away the readers you want to impact will be. For example, if you are placing a sales advertisement inside your retail store, your text only needs to be visible to the people in the store. 1-2” letters (or smaller) would work just fine. However, if you are hanging banners and want drivers on a nearby highway to be able to see them, design your letters at 3” or even larger.   Color Scheme Another important factor is to use contrasting colors when designing your sign. Text color with a contrasting background significantly increases the impact and visibility of your sign by making your text stand out more. On the other hand, using a background color that is similar to the text color can make your message almost impossible to see at any distance. Some of the most-visible text colors include black, red, and white, each of which can be seen the best with [...]

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Advertising Your Business

4 Advantages of Advertising Your Business Using Custom Signs If you are starting a new business or simply want to change things up with your current company, custom signs are a great way to draw your customer’s attention.  There are a variety of styles, sizes and colors available to choose from when creating a sign so it’s important to do some research. Some of the factors you want to consider include where you need signs placed and what type of message you want to convey.  Are your signs merely going to be informative or do you want them to be entertaining and geared towards increasing sales?  It is probably likely that you want a variety of signs to help promote your company and get your name out in the industry.  Here are at least four advantages that custom banners or signs offer. 1.  Variety of Styles, Sizes and Colors One of the obvious advantages of creating a customized design for your sign is the ability to choose everything.  You are not limited to choosing from a standard “cookie-cutter” sign design that makes your company look like everyone else.  With a custom sign you can choose the shape, size, color, design and more.  In fact, with so many choices you may find it difficult to narrow it down!  Fortunately, there are sign companies that can offer their experience and expertise when designing your company signs.  You can also turn to your co-workers and other business associates to get advice and opinions to help make your signs truly remarkable. 2.  Create a Unique Look for your Company As mentioned above, one of the best things about custom banners and signs is that they help you stand out [...]

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